Carter Farms & Africulture

Juneteenth 6.17.2023

10:00am* – Welcome

10:15am* – Ancestral Mathematics and honoring by Melani N. Douglass

10:30am – Libations Ceremony  for United States Colored Troops and Ancestors led by Michael Carter Jr. (** Libations information below)

11:00am* – United States Colored Troops and Lincoln Legal League Conversation with Melani Douglass and Michael Carter Jr.

11:30am* – Plants of Resistance and Wellness featuring Justice Madden

12:00 pm* – Mental Health wellness and awareness, a dialogue around the taboo of mental health realities in Black Communities featuring  Kevin Carter

12:15 pm* – Wellness as a lifestyle lead by Andrea Smith

12:45 pm* – Present and Future Dialogue with Youth of Today

1:15 pm* – Lunch

2:15 pm* – Youth Conversation on the Future (continued)

3:00pm – Presentation of winners of Youth Futurism contest

3:15 pm* – Farm Tour and Ancestral gardening planting


*times are approximate
** Libations outline for a limited number of key liberators and United States Colored Troops of Orange County Virginia


(Swahili language and loose english translation)

Sifa kwa wetu Muumba (Praises to our African Creator)

Sifa kwa maisha ya Afrika (Praises to African Life)

Sifa kwa watu wa Africa (Praises to African people)

Sifa Kwa babu wetu wa Afrika (Praises to our African ancestors)

Sifa kwa Mama, Baba, Watato wa Africa (Praises to African mothers, fathers and children)

Sifa kwa asili ya Africa (Praises to African tradition)

Sifa njema asili, mimea, udongo ya Africa (Honor to nature, plants and the soil of Africa))

Sifa kwa wetu Muumba (Praises to our African Creator)

(Twi Language & loose english translation)

Otwadeampong (O-tray de am pong)  Kwame Nsuo…(Everyone responds) Yaw – 

(To the Creator of the Universe…..Here’s some water.)

Osuru ne Asaase Yaa Nsuo…..Yaw

To the Heavens and Earth elements…Here’s some water.

Nananom nsamanfuo nsuo….Yaw

To our Ancestors and their spirits….Here’s some water.

Agyanom (Aja nom) ne (knee) Enanom (E-NA nom) Agyeman Nsuo….Yaw.

 To our forefathers and foremothers who fought for the land…Here’s some water.

To all the indigenous nations who lost their land, their practices, their lives

Arawak Nation

Kalinago Nation


Pequot  Nation

Narragansett Nation



Yaqui /Hiaki Nation

Lenni Lenape Nation

Beothuk Nation

Mapuche Nation

Guanche Nation

Mr. Pompey

Mr. Turk

Ms. Dido

Ms. Eve

Mr. Gabrielle

Mr. Jemmy Cato

Mr. Gyan Conney

Gen. Duty Bookman

Pres. Touissant L’overture

President Vincente Guerrero

Mr. David Walker

Mr. Abshalom Jones

Mr. Prince Hall

Mr. Nathaniel Turner

Mr. David Ruggles

Mr. Henry Howard Day

Major Dr. Martin Delaney

Mr. John S. Rock Esquire

Mrs. Anna Murray Douglass

Mr. Frederick Douglass

Captain Harriet Tubman

Mrs. Mary Bowser

Mr. Abraham Galloway

Pvt Arthur Allen

Pvt James Bannister

Sgt. Forest Bolar

Pvt William Brooks

Pvt Jerry Carter

Pvt Henry Clay

Pvt Samuel Cobb

Pvt Henry Cooper

Pvt Fleming Crump

Pvt Thomas Crump

Pvt James Ellis

Pvt Harrison Fabron

Pvt Albert Frazier

Pvt James Frazier

Pvt Peyton A Fry

Pvt Robert Furgerson

Pvt Samuel Gally

Pvt Charles Gordon

Corp Lewis Green

Corp Sawney Grimes

Pvt Henry Hackett

Pvt John Hargrow

Pvt Essick Harrison

Sailor Oliver Harvey

Pvt Henry Hill

Pvt Allen Holivee

Pvt George W Holmes

Sailor Charles Hughes

Sailor Conway Hughes

Pvt Lewis Jackson

Pvt Andrew Jackson

Pvt Franklin Jennings Corp William Jennings

Pvt John W Jennings

Edwin Johnson

Pvt Horace Johnson

Pvt Henry Day

Pvt Henry Leggett

Pvt Caleb Linza

Pvt William Lothers

Pvt Thomas Lourey

Pvt Silas Malone

1st Boy Horace Masser

Pvt William Miller

Pvt Phillip Miner

Pvt William H Morton

Pvt Washington Nelson

Pvt Alfred Owens

Pvt Lewes Padget

Pvt William Pannel

Pvt Addison Perkins

Pvt Joseph Perry

Pvt James Pillow

Corp Washington Porter

Pvt John Ridley

Pvt Jack Robinson

Pvt John Rose

Corp Robert Samuel Corp George Scott

Pvt John Shelton

Pvt Norman Simpson

Pvt Henry Smith

Pvt John Spotts

Pvt Frank Taylor

Pvt Jeff Thompson

Sgt Qualls Tibbs

Pvt Richard Tillman

Pvt Charles Tunison

Sgt. James Walker

Pvt George Wallace

Pvt Cager Warfield

4th Sgt. Horace Washington

Pvt James Watts

Pvt Henry Whitely

Pvt Smith Williams

Pvt Peter Williams

Pvt Calvin Williams

Pvt Henry Willis

To everyone who served in whatever capacity, to lead the enslaved African to freedom, liberty, and liberation, we honor you. Please know that you, your courage, your bravery, your will, your vision, your determination, your sacrifice, your beauty, your pride, your history and your values will never be forgotten nor forsaken by we, your dedicated and devoted, sons and daughters.

We will use whatever of our tools, skills, talents, understandings and desires to never forget you or forsake you. We will commit to write and rewrite where necessary with our pens of truth the chapters of your stories and legacies that are needed to honor all of who you were and who we are and will be because of you.