On a crisp fall morning in November 1910, Mr. Jeff & Catherine (Walker) Shirley purchased a 150 acre parcel of land in Orange County Virginia. The land became the Carter family homestead, after their daughter Mattie (Shirley) Carter acquired the land from her siblings in 1947 to ensure her three sons serving in World War II, and the rest of her children had a place to come home to after their service to this country.

Carter Farms is a century farm in the Piedmont region of Virginia that specializes in growing ethnic, African tropical vegetables organically. Michael Carter Jr.’s operation is an ethnic vegetable afrotourism teaching farm that shares its Africulture interdisciplinary platform.

Dinner & A Race

Dinner & A Race

An exclusive dinner, in your home with a traditional African/African American meal, with up to 10 of your colleagues/friends. An intense focused discussion on Race in America and how even the most well intentioned non-African American attendees contribute to the oldest, longest running problem this nation will always face.


Africulture espouses the myriad of principles, practices, plants and people of African descent that have contributed to agriculture from antiquity to the present day. It contains several specialized foundational components that strengthens awareness about numerous aspects of the African and African American experience in agriculture.

Africulture also serves as the organizing and administrative organization for our sister relationship between Fredericksburg, Virginia and Princes Town, Ghana, West Africa.

Africulture offers numerous workshops, seminars, lectures and strategy sessions on a numerous topics including but not limited to:

The Black Farmer Tax

Africulture: African contributions to everyday life and agriculture

Implicit Bias Training/Discussion

Planting seeds of solutions

The Values Tax

History of Agriculture in America – from the perspective of socially disadvantaged farmers

Racial Understanding toward solutions of equity, parity and repair.

Anti blackness: the source and solution

Liberty and Justice for All: The stories of the United States Colored Troops

Fact or Fiction: Stock stories and their implications

Historical perceptions of the African in America from 1865 to now

The Black Tax

The African Presence in the Bible

Spirituality and the Soil


Carter Farms grows and works with other farmers in the region to provide an extensive variety of ethnic African, Caribbean and Asian tropical vegetables. Please check our latest Fresh sheet and email us about availability.

Check out our children’s business, Carter Brothers, for information about the seeds they provide and the many other offerings they have.